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Twin Lakes Aquanuts

Originating in the early 70’s, the Aquanuts established a show site in their second season at Lance Park in Twin Lakes, WI. This show site would go on to expand and improve many times and serve as a prime venue for the team (and fans) for 50 years now. During those early days, the Aquanuts acquired big brand name sponsors such as Dr. Pepper and the support of local marine vendors to help quickly put them on the map. After a few years, the team was placing 1st and 2nd at state and national competitions, and became known for their daring stunts, renowned ballet lines, and innovative show themes.  As hundreds of people started coming to the shows, the Aquanuts developed into one of the most successful, and truly professional group of athletes in the nation, winning more than one hundred 1st, 2nd & 3rd place, or Best, MVP or Highest Scoring acts at the state at national level.